May 29 2009

Thx, Sugar Booger

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Ok, so only 11 posts this year. Yeah, I’ve been horrible. Seriously going to come up with some schedule to get me to do this more often. It’s summer. I’m gonna have TONS of time, right?


Anyway, here’s another wife chat to hold all of my 3 readers over until I get my ass in gear.

Me: does the dollar tree have pregnancy tests?
Amy: yes
Amy: why?
Me: no reason
Amy: they are the kind where you pee in a cup
Amy: and then you dip a stick in it
Amy: are you pregnant?
Me: why would I be pregnant?
Amy: why do you need a pregnancy test?
Amy: and if you did, why would you buy it from dollar tree?
Me: who said I needed pregnancy test?
Me: can’t a guy just ask a question without people jumping to conclusions?
Amy: not if it is a question about pregnancy tests
Amy: why do you want to know?
Me: would you make quick assumptions if I asked if they had garbage bags, cyanide and shovels?
Amy: um, yeah
Amy: especially you
Me: well, that’s probably a bad example
Amy: so
Amy: who’s pregnant?
Amy: ahh-yep, they have the in the checkout line, with the candy
Me: but at least now I have material for my blog
Me: thx sugar booger

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