Jun 02 2009

Getting Chromed

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A few friends have been talking about moving to the google chrome web browser. For a long time, I’ve been a big proponent of Firefox. And truth be told, haven’t had much of a reason to even look for an alternative. The game changed with Firefox 3. While Firefox still remains the browser of choice for many in the tech savy community, I know others as well as I have suffered through increasing instability and what feels like a bloated application. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still an awesome browser and I still whole heartedly recommend it to any poor user I come across still using IE without knowing that there are better alternatives out there.

Good thing technology is always sprouting new seeds, though. I decided to try and feed my new gadget need and trying out a some of the alternatives. I’ll give Google credit. It definitely is a nice browser and I ,surprisingly, haven’t come across many gotchas while perusing the interwebs in my new chromed out set of wheels (pun intended). But it is not without flaws.

2 jump out to me right away. First is it’s handling of xml formed documents is terrible. It seems to try and view them as if they were html documents. Also it needs to have some way to handle rss files as live bookmarks. I personally find live bookmarks as more of an annoyance, but it’s still a standard feature in todays browser and I see no reason effort shouldn’t be made to make it contain the features that have become standards. All in all, this is a pretty trivial feature missing. After all, a browser is for, well, browsing html pages. Can I seriously knock it for having non essential features? Of course I can! But it’s still not going to keep me from using a good product.

The second missing feature isn’t really something that is standard, but it is something that has become so ingrained in my web browsing usage, that I dare say I couldn’t be without it. Yes, it’s my delicious bookmarks. I’ve tried various solutions that have failed for one way or another. I have recently read that the ability to incorporate plugins is on the horizon, so I have faith that a solution will be in the works form some one, but if I’m going to use it now, I will need a solution now.

Ok, so </rant>.

Start howto:

I did, however, come up with a quasi-solution. This makes it serviceable until a more elegant solution comes along. There are tons of posts out there talking about how to get a bookmarklet to tag sites to delicious. That wasn’t really my dilemma. What I wanted was to be able to easily find any of my 1000 or so bookmarks that I have already tagged. Isn’t that the point of bookmarks? To be able to easily retrieve what you have already found?

Well, since I normally end up searching through them any ways, I figured perhaps I could harness the keyword search capability of chrome. To create a new one, follow the instructions:

  1. Right click the address bar and choose “Edit search engines”
  2. Click “add”
  3. Give it a name, something like… oh, I don’t know… “Delicious.com”
  4. Then give it a keyword like say “delicious.com”. I tried to create one without the .com, but it didn’t seem to like that.
  5. Enter the search URL. If you want to search just your own bookmarks (what I was looking for) enter this in: http://delicious.com/search?context=userposts&p=%s&lc=1&u=<your_delicious_username>

Now, when you type delicious.com <some search term> it will search through your bookmarks. Again, not nearly as elegant as the delicious plugin for firefox, but as I said, hopefully some gracious member of the community is feverishly working to right this injustice in the chrome world, but until then, I think this will get me by. Hopefully you too.

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