Jan 29 2007

Comedy Sellout

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Comedy Central is the biggest sellout in the history of sellouts. I honestly don’t mind the whole Demetri Martin special sponsored by Vista. Occasionally, it’s nice to not have real commercial breaks, but seriously, did they buy the whole prime time slot of programming? Fine, have Bill Gates on the Daily Show. I’m a big fan. I like to see Jon Stewart stick to shady characters with his whit and humor as much as any one (well, maybe not as much as my wife). But the whole show played out and seemed like an infomercial. They may as well have replaced Mr. Stewart with Tony Little or that other really loud guy on the oxyclean commercials. It was almost sickening how it was played up for him. Maybe I’m a little biased (which I am), but it really seemed very soft and disappointing. Wag of the finger, Comedy Central. Selling out isn’t funny, it’s just sad.


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