Aug 17 2009

The 1k Club

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Friday was a special day for in poker. For the first time ever, I earned at least $1k in 1 day at the cash tables. Of course, this is the highest I’ve ever played regularly before. I had taken shots at $200nl before, but I have been able to stick it out in that game for the whole month. Both have been very good for my mentality when it comes to poker.

But this is intended on being a weekly poker update. I was attempting to play 10k hands this last week in hopes to catch up to my 30k monthly goal, but some family stuff ended up getting in the way. I needed to play 6k hand between Friday and Sunday to accomplish that, but only managed about 3300 hands falling short with only 7500 hands for the week. Despite missing my goal, I can’t be all that upset as my results for the week made up for any disappointment I felt.

Driven by my $1200 day on Friday, I ended the week $1900 on the positive side of things even with losing money 3 days this week. Alright, alright. They weren’t terrible days with the largest only being 1 buyin or around $200, but still, it took quite a few hands out where I wasn’t making money and had to make the ground back up.

My month is going well too as I’m up almost $3k so far and well on my way to destroying my previous best, so hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself there, but the games are good. As long as I keep playing well, I don’t see any reason I shouldn’t finish strong. Another month like this, and I’ll soon be posting about my exploits in the 2/4 games. My lofty goal for the year was to hit $400nl and with it being in reach, I feel really good about my game right now.

My graph of my month to date. Isn’t it pretty?


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  1. Cody Non 10 Sep 2009 at 10:28 pm

    Wow, congrats on your nice month.

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