Jan 30 2007

Global warming, my ass

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Al Gore wants us to think that there is global warming, but he can come tell that to my receding testicles.

I did actually see An Inconvenient Truth a little over a month ago when we were having the warmest December I can ever remember. I am one of those people who have really been getting into documentaries just because many times, truth is stranger than fiction (see Crumb for proof on that one). This was just another one sided movie to spread some one’s, read Gore’s, agenda. It was well put together for a documentary though and had some interesting facts. I don’t regret watching it and, in many respects, liked the movie. I wouldn’t, however, recommend this movie to anyone and everyone.


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  1. Molinaon 22 Feb 2007 at 5:41 pm

    Looking forward to watching Cocaine Cowboys at the weekend, I have ‘high’ hopes for it

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