May 23 2010

Loose Ends

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Gonna just give some updates on things going on over the last month and a half. I did finish my 30k hand goal for April, but unfortunately, I ended the month pretty horribly. Over the last 6k hands, I lost 10 buyins which is about $1000.

I would be lying if I said that in my bad slide I was playing perfectly. I was tilting a bit and some of my play definitely reflected that. After going through the hands, I am convinced it was mostly due to a bad run. There were 2 hands in there that I lost to river 2 outers that were a combined $600 pots (hand 1, hand 2). There was also a handful of hands where I flopped either a set, a straight or a flush only to get 50% of my stack in before the river only to lose to straights, flushes or full houses on the river. And yes, I paid off. Sometimes when you are in cooler situation after cooler situation, it gets hard to get away from those. See Daniel Negreanu on, well, any season of High Stakes Poker.

Here’s what the month ended up looking like.

April 2010 chart

It really wasn’t that bad overall, though. After rake back and some small tournament cashes, I only lost about $100. While the bad run really tilted me, when I reflect on it as a whole, it could have been a lot worse. I had 3 months last year with worse results. 2 of them where I lost more than $1000 overall and still ended the year up like $10k*.

Last year, my stake started around May so hopefully I can duplicate those results again over the next 7 months. I’m not starting out awesome. I decided to take a break from NLHE since I was running so bad and I do think it was affecting me mentally. So what did I do? I played some PLO. I’ve now started out the gate of this month with a steep dowslide. PLO is the Murphy’s Law of poker games. If there is a bad card that can come on the turn, rest assured it will come. Actually, I’m up slightly on the only game I’ve played any significant hands, but down overall. I don’t want to make it 2 losing months in a row, so gonna work on that over the next week.

For personal stuff, it’s been a typical end of the school year for the most part. Been just super busy with a lot of stuff going on. We have basically birthday season coming up with 4 of the kids having their birthdays between now and the end of August. We had Zoe’s party yesterday and today is spent recovering from that which consists of cleaning, dealing with tired/crabby kids and then more cleaning.

There are a couple of unique situations this year, though. For one, almost all of the kids have been sick over the last week (plus a couple of days). The only one who has avoided it has been Clayton. The second one is I have a new job that I will be starting next month. I won’t go into too much detail on it until I start it, but I am looking forward to it and am coming into it being very optimistic.

* Disclaimer of that was under the stake so I didn’t get to keep all that.

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