Nov 09 2010

Crisis Averted

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The following is a tale of woe for all you people who haven’t experienced the “joys” of children.

There is a rule in our house. You don’t eat or drink when you are on the computers. Mostly this has come about due to the piles of crumbs that can be dumped out by turning over one of the laptops or the crusted over orange glow of that crap that sticks to your fingers when eating cheese balls all over the keyboards. I’m officially going on record saying that you probably shouldn’t be eating anything that day glows, but that’s not what this post is about.

Sunday evening I was all set to sit down with something off of netflix (I totally need a 12 step program for that shit), when Clay takes off for the kitchen ripping the laptop, cord an all off from the wall. Seeing kids bolt from room to room for seemingly no reason at all is nothing unfamiliar to our house so I didn’t think much of it. Amy followed him into the kitchen just starting up on one of her motherly tirades about how he was treating her laptop when she caught him wiping down her laptop with a towel. He sheepishly admitted that he had spilled a glass of water all over the wife’s computer.

I’m pretty sure the earth stood still for a moment as Amy let that one soak in. Needless to say, that ended his evening with the computer and started by evening of emergency computer repair. I had to forgo (mostly) my evening plans in hopes that I could take apart the laptop and dry it out enough that it could be salvaged. I wasn’t terribly hopeful for the amounts of water that were dripping out of the case, but once inside, was surprised at how the enormous dust bunnies seemed to have been spared from a damp death.

Even after a couple hours of drying and copious amounts of compressed air shot over all the vital bits, I still wasn’t terribly hopeful. I started it up and there were all kinds of video issues. But Clarus shined upon us that day. The next morning I got it to successfully boot.

Crisis averted. The laptop seems to function. And by function, I mean that when she types a hand full of letters, it also tags along some other letters like they are some weird siamese letters. Almost like ligatures without the awesome conjoinedness.

But at least the thought of now replacing a $40 part instead of a $1000 laptop almost makes it feel like a win. In retrospect, that logic just seems retarded, but hey – at least I’m finding the silver lining. At any rate, this at least gives me some mild amusement and leaves me in a position to find this funny. And by funny, I mean funny funny instead of sad funny which is what the thought of replacing the laptop would have been.

Here I bring you some of the joy I’m experiencing in the form of an IM reenactment:

AMY: well, no one tol med
AMY: i snt you tmails
AMY: LEGO Creator House Zo for Christmasgggggg?

AMY: bcouldg you bcet homet aroundg 5:30
ME: Hgdbjfdg
ME: That’s Amy’s keyboard for yes
AMY: funny

Ok, so wasn’t much of a tale of woe. More of a common sense post – don’t let your kids use your shit. They are really bad with being responsible with it.


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