Nov 28 2010

And How Was Your Holiday?

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I’m glad to be home. I am already waiting for when I can plop my head down on my own pillow. And for some reason, no one ever seems to have decent water pressure in their shower. How do these people live?

Anyway, the highlight signature funny moment happened at my in laws. The conversation obviously got on to discussion of girly magazines and dude’s getting tattoos on their junk. It’s thanksgiving FFS, why wouldn’t the conversation go in that direction? Well, my mother in law discusses how she would find and read the playboys of her oldest son before throwing them out. Some how she turns the conversation on to how she spared her husband (who, while he was within ear shot but not involved in the conversation either doesn’t hear or pretends not to hear the ongoing conversation) the knowledge of their son’s “reading” periodicals and discloses her take on how he would perceive those materials by saying “I’m sure he would be happier if you showed him a sheep”.

Now, you kind of have to understand my mother in law to understand that she totally did not mean it in the context that I’m sure 99% of the people who would read/hear this would at first think. She doesn’t make dirty jokes, she doesn’t swear, she likely doesn’t have a single dirty thought enter her head. Secondly you have to have the knowledge that my father in law dables in raising sheep on their farm. Even with all that knowledge to all present, it did not stop the roar of laughter. While she meant it as a joke, I’m sure she still doesn’t understand why that statement would cause such a reaction from her present kids and kids in law.

She had one of those looks on her face that toddlers get when they do something funny but don’t really know why. They are trying to piece together what they did so they can do it again. I’m certain my mother in law was trying to figure it out so that she does not do it again assuming (correctly so) that she had inadvertently said something that everyone took as being dirty.

Good times.


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