Dec 13 2010

Wife Chat: Moratorium Lifted

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Whew. Glad I didn’t have to hold this in much longer. Today was the day my wife was able to release her review of on of the latest games she received so I can reveal this wife chat.

amy: not that you will anyway, but i fogot to tell you that you can’t discuss marvel pinball online
me: Too layr
me: late
amy: did you give a review of it?
me: I already started site dedicated to it
amy: oh man….now i’ll never get another review :(
me: yep
me: fucked
amy: oh, well, i guess i’ll have to start reviewing sex toys instead……unless you’re joking?
me: totally not joking
me: guess it has to be sex toys
me: The site is

Actually, her video game reviews have been doing pretty well. Or at least that’s what I’m told. I only have to deal with her spending time chatting online with a bunch of guys like this guy. But hey, I’m getting free games so it’s all good, right?


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  1. Juskimoon 14 Dec 2010 at 7:47 am

    Its good to have hobbies you can share.

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