Jan 12 2011

Zooks Chat

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Well, because she won’t. I’m kinda on a posting binge this week for me anyway.

Zooks: T and I are sharing a room at the Harrah’s in STL this weekend
you should come down and video for us
me: Sold
Zooks: oh sure now you talk to me
me: I talk to you all the time
Zooks: uh huh
me: hmm or maybe that’s those other voices
Zooks: more than likely
me: So you need me to document the debauchery for posterity?
Zooks: someone has to do it
me: Sounds as good of a gig as any
Zooks: better actually
me: I’ll try and sell it to the wife
Zooks: hahahahahhaha
me: Is it better to ask permission via Twitter or blog post?
Zooks: both, make sure you cover all the bases so she can’t say she didn’t see it when you don’t get an answer and go anyway
usually asking for forgiveness is best
that way you at least no what you’re getting divorced over
me: This is going to be my official “blame” record, BTW
Gonna totally sound like my kids when I say “zooks said it was ok”
Zooks: hahahahahahahha

Well, since this auto posts to my twitter, I guess I got both covered. See you Monday!


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