Feb 10 2011

Stuck in my Head

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Totally had intentions of finishing up my latest movie post, but just wasn’t feeling it tonight. Sad part is I’ve been working on that post for the better part of the week, it still isn’t done and likely won’t be any better for the time it’s taking. I sure know how to build up anticipation, don’t I.

So if I wasn’t writing, then what was I doing? As pathetic as it sounds, I was trying to track down some song that has come up several times on my pandora account over the last week. Problem is I’ve never heard the song except on pandora and I don’t really know any of the lyrics. So I’ve been playing pandora a lot more in a desperate attempt to hopefully it would randomly come on and I could hear the song again. This time so I can remember WTF it is. It’s my attempt at virtually retracing my steps. Too bad there isn’t a virtual radiator to look behind to find lost songs. I think it has something about “circles” in the title, but I could be way off base with that one.

There was another song that has come up a few times on my account this last week, though, and I do remember the name of the song. Mostly cause it’s a dude singing it, but the song is named “Your Woman” and has the lyrics “I could never be your woman” in it. That strikes me as a bit strange each time I hear so it left an indelible mark on my brain.

So I strike up the video on youtube and, despite having an almost “Crying Game” vibe to the lyrics, the video is epically awesome. At least for some one who likes visual stories. It plays along like a silent film and, even without the song, you could follow the story just from the video itself. So I might be overselling it a bit with the epically awesome part, but for what appears to be a low budget video, I think it’s really good.

Enjoy Your Woman from White Town:

Oh, and I never did figure out that other song. There will be follow up if I hear it again. Rest assured. I’m sure you are on pins and needles.


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