Feb 11 2011

Found It!

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Maybe it was cause I was tired last night or maybe it was because I was giving it too much thought. Either way while I was distracted with work this morning, I had a moment of clarity where I recalled a couple of the lyrics to that song I was trying to track down last night.

It’s not an awesome song but I think it’s tolerable. Seldom do we get awesome songs stuck in our heads. Songs that get stuck are like parasitic viruses burrowing into your soul until you want to rip your ears off, but you know that won’t help CAUSE IT’S IN YOUR MIND!

Low and behold (note to self to look up what that expression actually means), I was at least right about the “circles” in the name. So here you have it. The song that has been eating at my brain for the last couple of days. Hopefully it torments you as much as it has me: Soul Coughing – “Circles”


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