Mar 06 2011

Living With a Toddler

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With 5 kids, it’s no big surprise that most areas of our house are typically a disaster area. Today it was the kitchen. Amy had all the kids out of the house so I attempted to address some of the damage.

On the kitchen table were crumbs of cinnamon cereal that the oldest thoughtfully left out. The youngest took this as an open invitation to help herself. Nothing surprising there, but the aftermath was less than amusing. The oldest “cleaned” up the mess since he played an integral part in this scenario. Of course, by clean up, we meant just brush the majority of it off the visible surfaces off and certainly didn’t actual intend for any one to break out the heavy duty tools like a broom or a wash cloth, but whatever.

While I was sweeping a wash cloth over the table, I ran across a particularly stubborn section of crumbs. Didn’t think much of it since there was a great deal of sugar in the crumbs and just assumed that it was some crusted over stuff that had gotten wet. Then I noticed the elmer’s glue bottle dangling precariously over the edge of the counter. Cap still open. Closer inspection verified my Sherlock Holmes like deductions that the cereal was in fact, very literally glued to the table.


I was fortunate enough to catch it prior to it fully setting so it wasn’t like chipping away at cement, but it wasn’t pleasant either. Most of our stuff can easily be described as “old, piece of crap ____” and our kitchen table is no exception, but it still doesn’t mean that I was gonna leave the fruits of this day’s learning experience to be a reminder for the rest of the table’s life. Around here, that may not be that long but one can hope.


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