May 23 2011


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There is no other way to explain it. I’m tired. Exhausted.

My code monkey hands were not meant for hard labor. But that’s what the day called for. My boss left work this morning at 9 am after he got a call that water was up to his driveway. I got an email in the afternoon asking for help for sand bagging. So I came home, changed, picked up TJ and we went out to try and ready his home for the rising water.

Normally North Dakota is a fairly arid place. Little moisture and certainly not the place you normally have to concern yourselves of with flooding. The last few years have changed that. Unfortunately for my boss, he has to wait it out for a few more weeks as the snow melt from the mountains continue to cause issue. There is flooding down the river on the Mississippi and they have tried to keep the water back but it sounds like if they don’t do controlled releases, they will soon be uncontrolled which is worse for everyone down the Missouri and then to the Mississippi.

This is a short post cause, frankly, I’m too tired for much else. Gonna just post a song that I couldn’t help think about while we filled bags and built walls.


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