Jul 06 2011

Good Song, Great Movie

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I have always enjoyed the song “Carlotta Valdez” from Harvey Danger. I’ll be honest with you. I had no clue WTF it was about, though. While it sometimes bothered me, it wasn’t anything that detracted from the song for me.

Yesterday while driving in the car, the song came on from the mixed CD my wife had made for the trip to her parents. My lazy ass hasn’t yet gotten the receiver moved from the old van so we don’t have the ipod to listen to.

Anyway, I had a big eureka moment as the song came on. Listening to the lyrics, I finally figured it out.

Jimmy Stewart followed Kim to where her portrait hangs on the wall

Before I thought that was just some random strange shit that Harvey Danger had put into their song. They have a tendency to do that although most of it does truly mean something. That something isn’t always clear.

Turns out the whole song is about the great Hitchcock movie, Vertigo. Great movie with twists in true Hitchcock style that I recently watched. It’s definitely in my top 3 of the Hitchcock movies I’ve seen so far (along with Psycho and Rear Window) further strengthening my serious affinity for the director.

I’ll admit, that putting that together, even though it wasn’t that special of a task was a real mind fuck moment for me. I’m gonna blame that one on being tired, cause even writing this out now, I’m like “Dumbass, that should have been obvious”. But it really did a number on me and only made me enjoy the song even more. The band obviously liked the movie too if they went to the lengths of writing a song based on it.

The song fits so well with the movie that the video is nothing but clips from the movie adjoined to the lyrics that are explaining the scenes. It’s like a mini version of the movie without the twist ending. Enjoy.


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