Aug 01 2011

About Last Night

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Last week Thursday marked our 2nd emergency room visit for stitches this summer. Sadie was the recipient of this round. If you want to keep score, that leaves Avery as the only one who has yet to have stitches now. He’s had a few close calls though.

Last night Amy asks me if Sadie feels warm. I’ll openly admit that, unless they are to the point that one could fry and egg on their heads, I have trouble noticing when their body temperature stretches out of the range of normal. Amy broke out the oft used thermometer and sure enough, she was definitely suffering from a fever.

Due to the new stitches she is brandishing on her foot, the fever required a bit more caution. So at almost 10pm, she packed up Sadie for her second ER visit in a week. Meanwhile, I tried to wrangle 7 kids to bed (our remaining 4 and 3 cousins that are staying the week).

There is the saying, when it rains, it pours. Well, this is when it literally starts pouring. A storm rolled in and unleashed its fury of rain, wind and lightning that lit up the sky like the 4th of July. It seemed each flash made the lights flicker.

Ever try getting 7 storm scared kids tucked in? You would be better off herding cats. Then shortly after 11, the power went off. We waited for it to eventually to pop back on. And waited. And waited.

It would have been too easy to have flashlights at the ready. Instead, we broke out our cellphones wandering around by LED light. After a while, the kids started making shadow puppets with the lights on the ceiling. At least they were making the best of the situation. It even made the younger kids a bit less tense. Once a half an hour rolled around with still no lights, I decided we need to break out the candles. Again, the novelty seemed to be a good distraction which was welcome.

Is that it? Oh, how I wish. Amy was having issues of her own at the ER. For reasons unknown, it was packed and she ended up waiting around forever. We kept texting back and forth comparing our tales of woe. Isn’t technology fun?

When I thought we were out of the woods, Avery came out of the bathroom gagging. I quickly grabbed a bowl and barely got it back to him in time for him to avoid throwing up all over the floor. ::Sigh:: Good times.

The good news was that Sadie’s fever was not from an infection from her stitches. They still looked good and sent her home with instructions to treat the fever with motrin and tylenol. Amy didn’t get back to the house until after 12 and around 1 once all the storms passed, we convinced the kids to go to bed. I was beat. I didn’t need electricity to sleep so we got everyone set. I woke up around 4 and the electricity was back on again. My alarm was flashing 1 at me which means the power didn’t return until 3 am. We were 4 hours without power.

PS. Amy’s new hypothesis is Sadie has strep so another trip to the Dr. is in order.


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