Feb 28 2007

4″ and Counting

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According to the weather service, we are destined to get up to another 10″ of snow over the next couple of days on top of the 4″ we have gotten so far. Nothing compared to what many places have gotten, but it still slows us down. At least it isn’t cold. I can deal with the snow and yeah, it slows down driving and yeah I have to use twice as much gas cause I needed to use 4 wheel drive for the 3rd time this year, but at least I can stay reasonably warm. So we will see just how much we end up getting and maybe we will be able to get one more sledding extravaganza in this winter.

As a side note, illness hasn’t completely rid itself of our house. While all the kids seem to be pretty healthy at the moment and my lingering cough has subsided, Amy has come down with a nasty sore throat and didn’t sound well this morning. I almost want to be home just so I can see her try and discipline the daycare with practically no voice. ALMOST.


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  1. gadzooks64on 28 Feb 2007 at 12:26 pm

    Yuck. A siok mom is the worst!

    Mine are now on antibiotics. I took the youngest in for strep test on Monday and the short test came back negative. While at the car dealership buying new VAN (gasp, yes, a minivan) got a call saying he needed to be on antibiotics as the strep culture came back positive.

    So, of course, last night oldest starts complaining of sore throat. Called Doc this a.m. and they called him in an Rx. Thank god I didn’t have to take him in.

    And would you believe I left that damn lights in new van on all night! D’oh. Woke up to dead battery. Oh joy.

  2. Khanon 04 Mar 2007 at 4:49 pm

    wow sounds too familiar.

    first week of february- 3 days out of school because it was so cold
    2nd week – 4 days out of school for snow
    3rd week – 3 days out for illness (one kid)
    4th week – 2 days out both kids for sickness, two days one kid

    march – mom and dad are sick

    ive had enough.

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