Mar 05 2007

re: I am outraged sirs, what are you doing?

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I’ve been waffling a bit on if I should comment on Joe Pelton’s response to full tilt’s support of the PPA. I don’t want to be too hard on Joe, cause I think some sand just crawled up his ass that day and I’m not sure if he fully understands full tilt’s intent from the comments he makes in his post. I also don’t want Joe to use his semi-celebrity status to influence others thinking either. So here are some of my takes on some of Mr. Pelton’s overreactions.

Full Tilt is a company that if poker stays legal in the US is worth around 3 billion. Why are they hustling their customers to donate money to the PPA? If funding the PPA wil make any difference (which lets just say I am a tad skeptical of) why isn’t Full Tilt donating 10% or more of their profits to it?

Well, I don’t believe they are “hustling their customers to donate”. They have said and others have said that the biggest thing that the PPA currently needs is membership numbers. I’m sure actual donating members look much better than just random names on a sheet. I’m just guessing at that one, but I would care more about people who are supportive enough to put up some cash (even at small amounts). Who is to say FTP isn’t donating 10% of their profits? Many of the pros on FTP are backing and have backed the PPA from the beginning. And just to make one more point, they are offering a freeroll benefit for even those that don’t make a monetary contribution to the PPA.

What this email does imply to me is that Full Tilt plans to leave the US market unless they get the poker carve out

The email did not spell this out specifically. This is merely and interpretation of the email, and one I didn’t get.

There are lots of ridiculous lines in this email but this is my favorite We demand that Congress address this grievous oversight now.

Who writes this crap? People whos loved ones have been killed in war don’t get to demand things from Congress. Companies that will go from making 9 figures/year to making 8 figures/year should perhaps think a bit.

Joe makes a few references that he’s appalled that they would gear statements like what was in the email to him, but NEWS FLASH JOE. They weren’t emailing to just you. I think their goal was to hit the a lot of the casual gamblers that aren’t aware of the landscape of this issue. I still have friends who play online that don’t know about the UIGEA. It seems like he’s taking something personal that wasn’t meant to even be directed to him. Have a bad day Joe?

I think the PPA is the best hope for online poker players to have any sort of legal success right now. Their intent is genuine and their goals seem to align with mine and what most online poker players goals should be, I would think. This email was more to motivate those that needed it and nothing more. A pepper rally via email. That being said, I have joined the PPA and hope that headway can actually be made. The way things have been lately have definitely skewed my perception and goals of what is achievable in online poker for me.

For any that haven’t gotten in on this, you have one day left to get the bonus though FTP, but either way, I think any one who wants to keep online poker should support the PPA in some fashion.


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  2. Wayneon 19 Mar 2007 at 4:57 pm

    I joined the PPA for the chicks and free booze.

  3. gadzooks64on 20 Mar 2007 at 7:25 am

    Me, too, Wayne, me too!

  4. Anthonyon 20 Mar 2007 at 7:33 am

    The Pussy & Pints Association???

    Where do I sign up?

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