Mar 22 2007

Spring is in the air

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I woke the other day
And saw my world has changed
–The Offspring

I’ve been having some personal issues lately. Issues may be a strong word. Annoyances is probably more correct. On Tuesday, I could feel the distinct tingling in my upper lip. Next morning I wake up feeling like I had gone a few rounds and glance in the mirror to see a full blown outbreak of Herpes Simplex Virus. Yeah that’s right, I got a cold sore. My first in like… well…. a long fucking time. To make my Tuesday worse, I was also having some delusions that I was developing a new tooth at the back of my top, left jaw. I had 2 wisdom teeth cut out when I was like 16 but those were the only they saw at the time. As of right now, until some hard, white mass starts jutting out of my jaw, I’m gonna ignore the tender pain and carry on as normal.The herpes, a cold sore really, is something that I’m unable to ignore. I spent most of the last two days feeling like my upper lip was a beak. The sores that keep rupturing are tender to the touch and Zoe keeps finding just the right spot to whack me with a wayward hand that will inflict an appropriate amount of pain. Even though it sucks, I realize I need to just wait out another week of this shit and it will all go away for hopefully another decade at least. As for you poor bastards that actually have an incurable case of this on your genitals, I really feel for you poor souls. I can’t say I feel your pain and misery, but if that crap is half as bad on your lips as I imagine it would be on your crotch… I think I’ll stop there.

The weather has been nice lately and we’ve been able to go out and enjoy the nice weather. For as much as North Dakota sucks, I’ve always enjoyed the springs here. It doesn’t get unbearably hot, you get a nice cool and fresh breeze (if not a full blown wind) and just enough sun to keep you comfortable outside. On Tuesday we went to the park and the kids had fun but the kids weren’t eager to cut their fun short.


Clayton even managed to learn how to ride TJ’s bike without training wheels. His bike that he got last August still has them on but looks like they won’t be for long. Our next outing will likely start with the removal of those.

No Training Wheels!!!

The other thing I’m struggling with a deep rooted want to get my car running again. It has been garaged for about a year now when there was a fuel issue. It’s much more fun to drive in pleasant weather than my normal driver. I also think the kids would get a kick out of it too. Other than the mechanical issues, it’s in desperate need of a wash. I might start with that this weekend if I can find any time amidst our tremendously full weekend.

Speaking of a full weekend, we have 2 birthday parties and an in school taekwondo tournament to attend. But they are all crowded into a Saturday afternoon. Hopefully the kids will need some recovery time from that on Sunday and I will be able to find some time for myself. This means either stuff around the house, work on the care, or what is more likely, play poker.

Speaking of poker, I started 4 tabling last night with less than spectacular results. It’s obvious it’s gonna take some practice, but hopefully I can hold steady while I get that experience. In the mean time, I’m gonna search for some advice on it to try and lower the curve a bit.


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  1. Wayneon 23 Mar 2007 at 12:49 pm

    What kinda car?

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