Apr 24 2007

BBV: Aquarium Edition

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Brag: We got the aquarium setup.


Beat: Less than 24 hours after being introduced to the tank, we’ve had a casualty. One of the 4 Zebra Danios we bought for the tank didn’t make it past day 1.

Variance: The tank is testing fine with the testing strips, so we think the tank could be fine and just a coincidence. We did get the fish from petsmart and large chain pet stores aren’t renowned for their healthy fish. They aren’t any where close to Wal-Mart infamy with poor pet quality, but they aren’t exactly marine biologists working there either.

We setup the tank and had just let everything run for the last week but since we were going to be away for the weekend, we didn’t want to get fish that would be ignored for 3 days right off the bat. We picked up the fish and some plants to get the aquarium cycling process going. I still need to fix the fluorescent light fixture for the aquarium. The switch was worn out and I’m far deeper into learning about how fluorescent lights work than I ever wanted to.

With any hope, we will get the aquarium balanced over the next few months. I’ve always liked fish and there are studies showing how aquariums can help relieve stress. Some crap about the water movement is supposed to be relaxing. But I think the kids will enjoy it and it adds more character to our living room.


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  1. gadzooks64on 25 Apr 2007 at 7:35 am

    Ooooh, I love fishtanks. I’m just too lazy to take care of one.

    Any water sound soothes me. Impact sprinklers are da bomb on a hot summer night.

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