Apr 26 2007

Flex:Open Source – Adobe Labs

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I got this via Asa Dotzler.

I agree this could be interesting. With everyone clambering to build the next great, interface rich web based application, I think Flex could be a definite front runner in the Web2.0 space (I about have to cringe typing that as I hate hyped marketing terms). I am late to the flex game only running across it recently but I was kind of turned off by what seemed to be only commercial (non-free) tools available. This stifles my ability to play around with new technologies on my own, but I definitely think this could absolutely change the game.

Flex:Open Source – Adobe Labs


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  1. [...] had a pretty good day. I got permission to run a research project on the Flex technology I was talking about before. I’m looking forward to that. It seems to be a very promising [...]

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