Apr 26 2007

AIPS #4 – Razz recap

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Sometimes I wanna take you down.
Sometimes I wanna get you low.
Brush your hair back from your eyes.
Take you down let the river flow.

How did it go? Pictures are supposed to say 1,000 words, so here is a screen shot of my evening:


Actually, I think I played alright early on and got lucky enough to have some hands hit or hold up. With small stakes tourneys like this with shallow stacks, your fate usually boils down to just a hand or two though. If they don’t go your way, then it’s gonna be a short outing for you.

First pot I think I did fine. I tried to scare him on 4th when I was showing A5 to make him think I was perfect in the hole when in fact I was paired, but then I got a decent 4 to a 7 low on 5th and called. When he hit his 9 and I made my 7, I knew I was good at that point and as long as a low card didn’t hit him on 6th, I was gonna keep aggressive. I didn’t improve on 7th and I figured he could have improved enough to beat me. I decided to got the check/call route figuring the times he bluffs would outway any missed bets by me leading considering he would likely raise me if he had a 75 low beat.

Next hand I think I just played well when my opponent bricked. Fortunately my scary board was enough to chase him off.

So I started out running well and had some chips. I then went on the drought of all droughts. Even when I had door cards that would be good for bluffing, I was stuck out of position with a bunch of legitimate low looking door cards after me. I just got unlucky to be in a spot to make any plays.

Then the crippler happened. In level 4 I had a hand where I knew where I was the whole way and got a guy paying who was drawing thin. I had a 765 made low on 5th and he was showing a 9 low then paired his door card on 6th. He may have had as many as ten outs on the river to beat me counting that I brick as well. Not real good odds, but I’m sure he really didn’t know where he was at.

After that, I couldn’t get much going and with the blinds moving up rapidly as they do, I ended busting out well out of the money and the points (which was really what I needed). Fortunately the points leader didn’t make the final table for the first time in the series. Hopefully I can make up some ground with the next tourney.

To ease the pain, I played a single table of 50nl while I watched a friend finish up the tourney. She ended up busting just short of the money making her evening that much more painful than mine. I, at least, got to punish the poor ring games for $48 over 97 hands. Not bad for the evening putting me at around +$42 once you factor in the tourney and I’m also getting closer to my 10ptbb/100 winrate goal at those games.


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