Dec 11 2006

Going under the knife

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Zoe is scheduled to have surgery tomorrow to put tubes in here ear. She has been enduring ear infections for pretty much the last 2-3 months which is half her life. It really hasn’t affected her disposition for the most part, but Amy feels that is a good reason why she likely hasn’t been sleeping much. This isn’t the first time we are having to go through this though. Clayton went through the same surgery as a toddler and he had issues with ear infections as well.


Since he was older, though, it affected his hearing in an important part of his early speech development. He still has slight issues and this year it was recommended that he go into speech therapy. That actually makes it sound worse than it is. He has a slight lisp and can correct it when it is brought to his attention. We don’t want Zoe to have the same issues though so we were not hesitant at all to do what we can to correct the issue. With luck, this will be the last time we will need to deal with this issue.


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  1. tomon 12 Dec 2006 at 5:52 am

    Cute picture :)

    All the best with surgery.

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