Apr 28 2007

Draft Day

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I pretty much gave up on football, which is one of my true loves, once Denver went through a really disappointing loss for the final game of the year to miss the playoffs. They controlled their destiny and couldn’t pull it off. I even missed a lot of the playoff games although the Super Bowl is still http://snow-blind.net/?p=49 at our house.

Recently I had started getting back into it and getting excited. I was sick when I had heard the news of Darrent Williams’ death. Both from the pure incident itself and also for the spot it left Denver in. Denver did recover from that picking up Dre Bly. I have no doubt that this gives the Broncos the best corner combo in the league right now and could arguably be the one of the best combos of all time. Two All-Pro corners is a nice situation to be in.

Denver definitely has not sat back and been content with where they are. They have made just as many significant moves as most any other team in the league. Probably a bit unusual for a team on the brink of making the playoffs last year and finished at 9-7. But as Shannahan said when he benched Plummer for Cutler last year, they are playing for Championships and last years team was not a Championship contender.

So what changes have been made? On the offensive side, they have officially passed the torch to Cutler by trading Plummer. It sounds as though he has decided to retire from football. There is a new RB as they brought in Travis Henry and I hope his injuries are behind him. If he is healthy, he could definitely fill in the hole left from Tatum Bell’s departure. I’m anxious to see if Denver tries to go back to relying on a single back or if time will be shared between Henry and Mike Bell. Rod Smith has been the man in Denver for a long time but he is getting older and it is clear that the #1 receiver is now last year’s big pickup for them with Jevon Walker. They still need help in the WR position though and made moves to try and put them into a spot where they would have some depth there. Again, I think they can put a check mark in the success column. Denver picked up Brondon Stokely who had a slow year being injured much of last year and David Terrell who has had brief stints of success in the nfl, but has never really had a break out. Likewise, Quincy Morgan has been added to the roster and it will be quite possible for Smith to drop to the #3 receiver this year and they should be fun to see how it all shakes out. Additions to the tight end position were also made and they are deep in that position, but I still anticipate Alexander to stay the starter.

On the defensive side of the ball, despite the addition of Bly, I think is Denver’s short coming. They have lost lots of players including Courtney Brown and, the spot that will hurt the most, Al Wilson. I fully expect the needs on the defensive side to be where Denver tries to fill holes in the draft.  They have lots of need spots including filling that gaping hole that Al Wilson leaves at LB and depth on the defensive line. I’ve also seen a lot of speculation that a Safety may be a need that Denver addresses as John Lynch gets older.

Today is draft day and I will be tracking it a bit to see just how well Denver comes out at the end of the weekend. I’m actually looking forward to the season and I’m even hoping it will work out that I will be able to make it down to Denver to see another game.


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