Dec 06 2006


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Who am I:
I’m an application developer for a software development company. I am married and I have 4 terrific children (3 boys and 1 baby girl) 5 terrific children (3 boys and 2 girls). I have vast interest in the tech world and I keep trying to broaden my horizons. I was a commercial art student once upon a time and I still dabble in arts. Now I spend most of my free time learning to play poker and you can often times finding me online.

About this site:
This site is basically my playground and I will put on anything that interests me. Mostly that covers what I listed above. The site is pretty much my window into the virtual world and all are welcome to participate on the site as long as you aren’t going to act like a douche. Welcome and I hope you enjoy it.

About my poker:
I have played on 4 sites but due to the legal situations surrounding online poker lately, I’m down to 2 sites currently. I am MacAnthony on Full Tilt Poker and MaAnthony on Poker Stars. Here’s a tip for you, don’t sign up for an account when you are too tired to pay attention to any misspellings in your account name. Poker sites aren’t real receptive to allowing you to change even the most trivial of spelling mistakes.


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