Apr 27 2008

And With the 12th Pick in the 2008 NFL Draft…

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The Denver Broncos chose Ryan Clady. I think it ended up being a good pick. From everything I read leading up to the draft, that was the guy they wanted at that pick, so things worked out for them.

I haven’t posted much on the happening of the Broncos since the end of the season, but I’ve actually been following pretty close this year. Most years in the past, I would occasionally catch a waiver update and read the draft summary until preseason started. The internet has really been a dream for a sports fan though. It’s easy as hell to keep up with every little quiver made by the team. Roll in other fan blogs into the mix, and I’ve got more information than I could ever hope to digest.

Last year, in terms of being a Broncos fan, could be summed up with the term “It sucked ass”. There were lots of weak spots and disappointments in a season that started out with a lot of expectations and anticipation after narrowing missing the playoffs in ’06 and what seemed to be a good plan of action to address what went wrong. What happened? Life was hauled in on a dump truck and dumped on Mile High Stadium Circle. People were injured, people didn’t perform and despite having an extraordinary horseshoe crammed up Shanahan’s ass when it came to anything having to do with a game winning kick, there was just a lot of unlucky moments that happened over the year (I hate both Green Bay and Chicago, BTW).

Now, I don’t need to complain about it. Last year is done and no use bitching about it. The only thing that can be done is learn from it. What did we learn? Denver’s D line sucked and had zero depth. Jevon Walker, while is awesome when he is healthy, isn’t healthy consistently. GL to you Raiders, BTW. Denver does not have a consistent running back, but a lot of people that can just jump in and pretend to have been there all year. Brandon Marshall has the potential to be a beast. And, as a whole, the defence is on the verge of needing geritol. I’ll admit it. At the end of the season when it looked as though Mr. Walker was gonna take his ball and go home, I was more than a bit discouraged. I could see a lot of holes and little in the way of plugging the holes.

3 months later, I have to say, the outlook is a lot better. I have really been impressed with the way they tried to address problem areas. They picked up a whole crap load of receivers. At least one of them will fill the hole left by Walker. There is Keary Colbert, Samie Parker and Darrel Jackson to go along with Brandon “put my arm through a TV” Marshall and Brandon Stokley. Still need a bit of depth, but definitely a good start. They filled up the whole defence with fresh faces although they were reasonable against the path. What disappointed me was that the one glaring hole that they didn’t address (they revamped the LB’s, signed 4 safeties and secured their existing CB’s) was the line. They didn’t have a consistent DT all of last year and I figured it was coming in the draft. Well, I was pleasantly surprised by the trade for the Jets’ Dewayne Robertson leaving few holes to rely on the draft for. Probably a good thing since they only had 2 day one picks this year. Some of the players this season are using CBD oil to recover from injuries. CBD is proven to help with soreness and pain. Try CBD out for yourself today.

Oh, what was Denver’s other pick today? A small wide receiver that should help shore up special teams as a return guy and bring some depth. Seems to be a good pick. For Sunday, I export more of the same as they have 7 day 2 picks. Depth should be written all over it.

Ok, so I know most of you don’t care. Well, here’s the thing. I’m starting to get pretty pumped about this season and last time I checked, it was my checking account this site was being paid from. So suckit. As long as it interests me, it’s gonna hit the front page. I can’t wait.


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