Oct 08 2010

Quick Parental Pride Post

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This is just to awesome not to post. And by awesome, I mean it’s cool cause it’s my kid so you can either smile and nod or STFU. I don’t care which.


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Oct 13 2008

Today, It Ends

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Today, it all ended. No more lackadaisical days of leisure with the kids. It’s back to slaving to the grind and running the rat race…. or as much of a rat race as exists in Bismarck, ND.


That isn’t all bad. Truth be told, I was kinda getting a bit stir crazy after being home. I couldn’t be a stay at home dad. Amy isn’t in trouble of me encroaching on her turf. Even with me anxious to get out of the house, it still will took me most of today to get used to the sterile quietness that hangs in the air at work. Surprisingly, a cubicle farm doesn’t emanate the same lively ambiance that is present in a house with 5 kids.

So far, Sadie seems to be doing well. If we could only change one thing, it would be that she still hasn’t gained her birth weight back. Nothing we have been worried about so far, but eventually, you have to be. Tomorrow we find out if that’s improving. Hopefully I have good news to share.



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Sep 26 2008

And Then There Were Five

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Baby Cinco Sadie Antonia was born yesterday with hardly so much as a whimper. Literally. She didn’t make much of a sound the first 10 minutes. It’s been almost exactly 1 day and she has yet to make much of a fuss for us. The funny part, each time the nurses take her out of the room, they bring her back crying and they think she’s such a demanding baby but she stops as soon as she goes to either of us. I don’t mind that.

The kids have been really excited to see her. It was nice to see them wanting to spend time holder her and saying hello to her.






I’ve gotten a lot of crap about not getting sleep and a lot of the stuff that new parents need to get used to, but after the fifth, I expect that the sleep will actually improve. Amy had it kinda rough and we’re glad it’s over. We are definitely happy the pregnancy is over and looking forward to watching her grow up.


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