Mar 09 2009

Stitched Evening Part 2

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I’ve had a busy few months. This month has been no different. I’ve been getting home late, and spending most of my evenings toting children around. For once, it hasn’t been taekwondo related. In fact, they’ve missed a full week of taekwondo. Between school functions, meetings and hospitals (more on that later), it’s been filled.

As a result, I haven’t been blogging with the frequency I had been. What once had been a fairly prolific post frequency of around 20 a month has tapered off to be around fewer than once a week. I’ll try and and find the time to hit that frequency but, I also found a semi replacement. I’ve staved off the peer pressure of micro blogging for a long time, but finally succumbed and tried out twitter. Mostly cause it gives me the ability to stay in touch with people from my phone. That at least seemed way better than facebook which I regretfully report has consumed my wife recently. She will be missed.

If any of you use twitter, feel free to follow me here.

Then today I get a call from the wife asking me to come home quickly. After all, it has been almost a full year and a half since our last ER visit. This time it was Zoe (#4) and marks an important milestone of the first visit by a female offspring. With 3 older brothers, it was bound to happen. I am happy to report that none of the said brothers were involved in the incident. Again, something that is only a matter of time.

From what I can gather, she was getting clothes and apparently closed a door (or drawer) on her finger peeling back a good portion of her fingernail. She took it pretty well for an almost 3 year old. But I’ll let you hear about it from her.

PS. I kinda like the whole video thing and if some one can find a good solution on vista for my webcam, I will try and do more.


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Jun 10 2008

Warning: Gratuitous Parental Pride

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Last week, the wife’s iBook took a big shit and now won’t boot. Yes, I know, I’m a computer guy, but this is a hardware issue and since it’s a laptop, me fixing it will greatly depend on what’s wrong and what replacement parts will cost. I’m hoping it’s just a fan, but we’ll see.

But I digress. So we got my wife a new MacBook since I wasn’t sure if I would be able to fix the old one. If I can fix it, I will just eBay it as upgraded models like I have seem to still be fetching like $350-$400 there, so might recoup some of the cost. Tonight I was playing around with the built in iSight camera and made this video.

Warning: The sheer amount of cuteness in this video may cause uncontrollable bowel movements. You’ve been warned.


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Apr 28 2008

Conversations With a 2 Year Old

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Well, not quite 2. She doesn’t turn 2 until next month. But this is an actual conversation from supper.

Zoe: There is a spider
Me: Where is a spider?
Zoe: There is a spider
Me: Where is it?
Zoe: In my mouth
Me: In your mouth?
Zoe: I ate it

O RLY? I mean, mom’s cooking isn’t always gourmet, but spiders?


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